Thinking about Buying a GHD?

My other friend has launched a new blog/site about GHD Hair Straighteners!

She has a really good buying good for all the boys and girls out there who need a little advice on which GHD Styler to choose and where to actually buy it from!

There’s some other cool stuff on her website like using the GHD to style different types of hair.

She has a great GHD IV Styler reviews, the most famous straightener of the GHD range!

Her most recent blog post is about GHD Stockists and exactly who to choose and why! The biggest reason is getting a genuine GHD!

Check it out here:


New Internet Marketing for Beginners Website / Blog!

My friend has launched a new site:

If you are interested in internet marketing then check it out!

Also if you are interested in why you SHOULD be interested in internet marketing then you should really check this book out: The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

It will teach you about the three road maps of wealth! The side walk, slow lane and the fastlane. Which lane are you on?

Hope it bring a benefit to someone 🙂

Kogan Galaxy S3 Review Blog! New!

I’ve made Galaxy S3 specific blog! I will target the Galaxy on this blog and provide all the challenges and solutions I face as well as reviews and how to’s.

On there it currently has my review and experience of buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 from Kogan, Australia (but shipped from Hong Kong).

If you are an Android Galaxy SIII fan then click the link below!

Galaxy S3 Experience Blog


UFC 151 Cancelled Jon Jones Fight Hendo out Injured – Objective Analysis

UFC 151 cancelled because Dan Henderson is out with a knee injury. THAT IS the fundamental reason why! You cannot forget that. The rest of this UFC 151 Jon Jones debacle stems from this single defining factor, Hendo being injured – NOTHING to do with Jon Jones.

Firstly I want to say, I am looking at this UFC 151 Jon Jones “event” from an objective point. My disclaimer is this: My personal biased opinion is that I would’ve loved Jon Jones to fight Chael Sonnen. If he chooses not to, he does not lose a fan in me, but if he did I would think even more highly of him (and Chael too).

Anyway onto the objective analysis of Jon Jones’ decision and why everyone should RELAX, cut Jones some slack and not get SOOO angry (some anger is fine of course because it is not a great situation)

Let’s look at all the perspectives and establish why everyone is doing what they think is right and are thus feeling a certain way.

UFC Fans and Fighters Point of View

  • They feel sorry for Hendo and his injury.
  • They think Chael is an absolute legend for stepping up to the plate
  • They hate Jones for “ducking” Chael and thus causing the cancellation of UFC 151
  • They feel angry, ripped off or stooged because they do not get to see their UFC event and have lost a lot of money in transport, time off etc.

And you know what, it makes perfect freaking sense they feel like that. I sympathise with all of them. It really sucks!

UFC and Dana White’s Point of View

  • The fan’s are gonna be pissed
  • There goes X Millions of dollars
  • I hate my life! F U Jon Jones for not saving the day!!!!
  • Prob should have made a better card that didnt 100% rely on the Main Event

Again, these observations make perfect freaking sense. If I was Dana I would be absolutely pissed!!!!

Now let’s look at Jon Jones’ point of view to understand why we should all relax. Jones did not go out of his way to piss us all off and here’s why.

Jon Jones’ Point of View

  • I have prepared long and hard for Hendo a guy who deserves to fight me
  • Oh man, he’s injured? This sucks! All that preparation for nothing!
  • You are offering me Chael? Has not even fought at 205 yet? Is just coming off a loss?
  • Risk vs Reward? Maximum risk for minimal reward.
  • Oh dayum, I really do not want to upset everyone but if I lose, this is going to cost me BIG TIME.
  • I’ve got my own family to feed, I’m not going to risk losing it “all” to keep everyone else happy

For Jon Jones, a fight with Chael Sonnen is a lose lose situation for him. Why would he take it? Just to benefit all the fans and fighters? Yeah that would be “nice”, but is that his responsibility? It’s up to him if he wants to be “nice”. He didn’t start training MMA so that he could take care of all the fans and fighters and fix a sinking UFC 151 ship.

Jones most likely started the MMA path because of three primary goals (or at least with them in mind):

  • Money (and lots of it)
  • Fame
  • The UFC Light Heavyweight Belt

And there is nothing wrong with that – you and I would both want that.

If he accepts the fight with Chael does that really serve his primary goals? Short answer NO! So why the hell do it? To stop Dana, the fans and the fighters crying? He is not a charity, so why expect him to be.

Jones and his team have a decision to make. So they would have run a Risk vs Reward style process.

Risks: Lose to Chael who is not from this weight class and is not even prepared to fight

Result: Destruction of fame; Loss of Belt (if remained a title fight); Consequent loss of money (reduced sponsorship appeal and fan base)

Reward: If he beats Chael (like the ENTIRE UFC FAN BASE EXPECTS) then what? Woop-tee-doo Basil!!! Of course he would beat him. Money, Fame only rise a little = very little reward.

Given that logic, why the hell would Jones or ANYONE take that deal. It is not smart. Massive downside risk and very minimal upside reward.

Like I said though, I would love Jones to take the Chael fight at UFC 151. It fulfils my selfish requirements of watching two great fighters in action. But not everything is about me.

Then you could say he is a fighter, it’s his job, he is a pussy he is ducking Chael, he is scared etc etc. And the list goes on.  Well this is a professional sport. Repeat. PROFESSIONAL. There are contracts and obligations etc. This is not streetfighting, UFC 1 or Kimbo Backyard Fights. If Chael could just come in and possibly ‘lucky punch’ his way to the Belt then what? The UFC would be an absolute circus?!!? Let me have a random go at a champ and I will close my eyes and throw Hail Mary’s. Chance of success is NOT ZERO, so let’s do it!!!! The risk vs reward in this case would be the way to go.

Of course he is not scared, he was always going to fight Hendo. He always comes to the fight.


My point is, think of it from Jones’ point of view. His whole career would be turned upside down by a loss to Chael in this scenario. So should he carry the weight of UFC 151, fans and fighters while running the risk of ruining his own career? Man, it’s pretty freaking logical if you were Jones. So why hate on him? His fanbase should be maintained if he chooses not to fight Chael, not decreased. Then if he did choose to fight Chael his fanbase should have dramatically increased. Leave your selfish desires at the door before you pour negative feelings out about someone.

“No one acts unreasonably given their world view”

Is there Right and Wrong? Is there Good and Evil?

>>> Short Answer = No.

>>> Long Answer….

Is there right and wrong? Is there good and evil? Well it all depends on your perspective and what you are measuring against.

Within the laws of planet earth we can define right and wrong e.g. It is wrong to murder a human because he punched you in the face (most of the time..)

However, on Planet X or some culture on some island on Earth this may be perfectly fine, legal and encouraged. So now what? is there right or wrong? Who is right? Who is wrong? Planet X or Earth?

UNIVERSALLY, NO! There is NO SUCH THING! Because there is no absolute universal “measuring stick” to judge an action against.

What does this mean? Well it means whatever you want it to!!!! haha. Ok but I’ll help you out a bit.

IT MEANS: You can do whatever you want in the eyes of the “Universal Court” and you will not be judged! Because you cannot be right or wrong!!!


!!! IMPORTANT ALERT and Friendly Public Service announcement !!!

Whatever actions you take there will ALWAYS be CONSEQUENCES!

The Consequences do not care whatsover about the morality of your actions, they will just HAPPEN.



you punch the sun in the face, your hand will be burnt;

you steal your neighbours car, he cries for hours then steals your dog.

You eat a “forbidden” item, you will have a certain experience and consequence – but was the act right or wrong? it was neither according to the universe!

>> Summary:

There is no such thing as right or wrong, only objective phenomenon. Humans give meaning to the events they perceive. The events you create will have consequences regardless of their morality.
– Razul

Razul’s Entertaining Helpful Blog – Introduction 2012

Hi I am Razul!

I just want to help the world out by sharing some of my experiences!

Because I live by: “A smart man learns from his mistakes; a wise man learns from the mistakes of others”

I am an Australian guy in his mid 20’s.

For the purpose of trying to help contribute to the world and add value I am quite knowledgeable of the following:

  •  Martial Arts and Fighting in general e.g. MMA, UFC… I am/have practiced: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Purple Belt under Royler Gracie Jiu Jitsu), Muay Thai, wrestling etc
  • Spirituality e.g. discussions about right and wrong; belief and value systems; I’m very open minded
  • Financial Literacy e.g. difference between good debt and bad debt;
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Dynamics of Physical Situations e.g. why saying or doing certain things at a party, bar, office etc will illicit certain responses
  • Obviously stuff about Australia haha. e.g. do dingoes really eat babies? can u have a pet Kangaroo? Is Vegemite actually pure salt?
  • Relationship Advice! e.g. why being needy is not good for the long term

Feel free to ask me anything, I enjoy sharing information and LOVE debating (not just about maths either)

– Razul